Meet the Revolutionized Restaurant Platform

We have invested a great deal of our expertise to make this project come to life, where everything from the Website and Food-ordering apps are connected with the Backend POS, Accounting and Stock management platforms in an streamlined way.

Within this system, Mårtens can handle purchasing orders, stock management and orders directly through their POS system without handling any complicated code, purchasing orders or even consumer orders.

Mobile Ordering Done Right

In order to increase the order value and frequency, the ordering process must both be fast and simple for the average consumer so they not only keep coming back, but are satisfied with their purchase every time.

To achieve this, in this very mobile world, we developed a simple “catch-all” system where the consumer have full oversight over their account, with integrated payment methods, order tracking and even a points system.

Food Delivery at its very Best

From Order to Delivery we have developed a streamlined system that puts each second to count towards excellence, from an A.I. based delivery-scheduler to carefully calculated “foresight” by using past data to determine how future trends might look like and therefore prepare the employees long before the orders actually start coming in.

Complete Nutritional Transparency

People become more and more aware and concerned of what they are consuming, that the raw materials coming from ecological farming, fair-trade and even their calorie & fat intake, so we developed a complete nutritional transparency towards the consumer.

So the consumer can know where and when Mårtens got their raw materials, and what nutritional value they got, so each and every consumer can find food that fits their needs and lifestyle, whatever that might be.

Measuring The Customer Experience

We have implemented nearly every tool in existence in order to amplify the customer experience on Mårtens to unprecedented levels unseen before in their market.

Multi-Channel Corporate Platform

We have integrated everything from the online system, to the retail POS systems and the backend accounting and stock management systems, to one single system!

Launch Marketing Campaigns Lightning Fast

Because of the extremely integrated system, Mårtens can now launch marketing campaigns through their backend panel to their LED screens, social networks, SMS, email and even push notices with a single click!

Mårtens: Then and Now

How did Mårtens come to us?

The management team was very dissatisfied with their previous developer, with their lack of performance and subprime quality, so they came to us and asked us to build them a better and more scalable platform, and we did and it blew their minds!

How long time did it take to build Mårtens?

Well, if it wasn't for the extremely helpful management team it would certainly take much longer than it did, however we were finished with the designing process within the first 2 weeks, then development took roughly 3 months and integrations and final touches another month and half. So roughly 5 months long project.

Where are Mårtens now?

We can happily say that they are extremely pleased with the result of the work, they have increased their customer satisfaction level by 76%, their sales with 218% and their online presence & page views by over 600%! So it's going very well for them, and they continuing working with us to move their business further, why don't you take a look?

Do you also want a Website like Mårtens? Then make it possible by contacting us today so we can start building your future unicorn!


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