When is it time to consolidate websites? Websites are like pet mice: if you’re not careful, you can end up owning way too many. As a marketer, it’s all too easy to find yourself surrounded by websites: websites for new products, websites inherited from companies you’ve acquired, websites you created to avoid bothering your overloaded IT team, and websites someone spun up in a fit of enthusiasm in 2015. Left unchecked, this kind of digital ecosystem becomes a […]

Adapting to Fintech: The New Normal In the early days of Fintech, new apps, platforms, and solutions were often met with broad skepticism. Many thought that only reckless millennials who didn’t understand finance and data security would risk using apps like Venmo or Mint. But since those early days Venmo was acquired by PayPal and […]

Influencer Content Amplification Even though influencer marketing is now widely accepted as an effective, and even an essential, marketing channel, problems with organic reach continue to plague brands and influencers alike. Back in 2016, Instagram changed its algorithm and the content was no longer available in reverse chronological order but instead was shown in an […]

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