Adapting to Fintech: The New Normal In the early days of Fintech, new apps, platforms, and solutions were often met with broad skepticism. Many thought that only reckless millennials who didn’t understand finance and data security would risk using apps like Venmo or Mint. But since those early days Venmo was acquired by PayPal and […]

The Important Role AI Plays in the Future of Pharmaceuticals Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate and innovate across a huge range of industries. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the pharmaceutical industry, where AI promises to help revolutionize the way drugs are developed. In this article we’re exploring some of […]

The Importance of Protecting Data Privacy in a Remote Learning Environment Months into the physical distancing measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, and most students and educators have found ways to adjust to remote learning. Though the quick transition from in-person to remote learning presented many challenges to start, a new […]

The Cybersecurity Threat in Healthcare and How Emerging Technology Can Help Cybersecurity breaches and attacks in the healthcare sector are very high stakes. Healthcare information is among the most sensitive personal data and that makes safeguarding it an imperative for providers. Ransomware attacks, which are on the rise, can disrupt patient care, delay essential surgeries, […]

Digital Disruption and the Future of Banking When considering which traditional industries are ripe for disruption, it’s hard not to think almost immediately of banking and finance. The banking industry, which has long made face-to-face transactions core to operations, hasn’t been the quickest to adapt to the emerging technologies that increasingly shape consumer demand. When […]

How Blockchain Impacts the Fintech Sector Blockchain is being used across industries to enable better operational efficiency and security. Blockchain has use cases in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and many other industries, but the financial services sector was among the earliest adopters of blockchain, and a chief application of the technology continues to be the modernization […]

How COVID-19 Reveals a Telehealth Imperative There are countless lessons to be learned from the Coronavirus outbreak and its many attendant repercussions, but one of the starkest among them is the necessity of telehealth as part of a fully-functional healthcare system. As we enter the fifth week of physical distancing, businesses across the board are […]

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