The Meaning Behind Facebook’s 2019 Rebranding Strategy It has been a difficult three years for Facebook. The company’s reputation has suffered under the weight of multiple public relations disasters, including the Cambridge Analytics data scandal, allegations that it stood idle while its platform was used to incite violence and hate in Myanmar, and most recently […]

Why creating an effective B2B Site Experience for Your Brand Is Important For B2B brands, the fact that most deals take place offline and still rely heavily on face-to-face interaction between prospective customers and sales reps, can make it tempting to dismiss the importance of the B2B website. However, underestimating how important an effective website […]

How Your Company’s Contact Us Form Plays a Huge Role in Securing Leads There are hundreds of factors, both big and small, that combine to determine a website’s conversion rate. Among the most important, and the most often neglected, of these factors is the contact form. This little form is sometimes neglected in the website […]

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