COVID-19 Emergency Response Translation Prompt and accurate information is critical in crisis situations, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. We at NZD Securities has launched a new solution to help businesses respond rapidly to the disruptions caused by the outbreak: Emergency Response Translation. This new offering helps businesses quickly translate COVID-19 related information into multiple languages for […]

Building a Voice Technology Technology Strategy for your Company A few years ago smart speakers were a novelty for most consumers who owned one. Now, as a new decade dawns, these devices have become mainstays in many American households. Adoption of smart speakers and other connected devices has spurred regular use of voice technology among […]

Why Having a Great Homepage Message Matters Crafting great website content is a delicate art. It takes sharp insight and a deep understanding of the intended audience to get it right. Homepage messaging is especially delicate because it requires you to be able to say a lot in the most compelling manner possible — all […]

Influencer Content Amplification Even though influencer marketing is now widely accepted as an effective, and even an essential, marketing channel, problems with organic reach continue to plague brands and influencers alike. Back in 2016, Instagram changed its algorithm and the content was no longer available in reverse chronological order but instead was shown in an […]