Digital Disruption and the Future of Banking When considering which traditional industries are ripe for disruption, it’s hard not to think almost immediately of banking and finance. The banking industry, which has long made face-to-face transactions core to operations, hasn’t been the quickest to adapt to the emerging technologies that increasingly shape consumer demand. When […]

How Blockchain Impacts the Fintech Sector Blockchain is being used across industries to enable better operational efficiency and security. Blockchain has use cases in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and many other industries, but the financial services sector was among the earliest adopters of blockchain, and a chief application of the technology continues to be the modernization […]

How COVID-19 Reveals a Telehealth Imperative There are countless lessons to be learned from the Coronavirus outbreak and its many attendant repercussions, but one of the starkest among them is the necessity of telehealth as part of a fully-functional healthcare system. As we enter the fifth week of physical distancing, businesses across the board are […]

How Technology is Helping Make the Dream of Precision Medicine a Reality Emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence in particular, are set to bring about a sea-change in the healthcare industry. Emerging trends like telemedicine and AI-assisted patient diagnosis promise to help enable better, and more effective patient care. One of the most exciting of these […]

How Consumers Feel About AI Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most ground-breaking technologies the world has ever seen, and industry leaders and marketers pretty much universally recognize the impact AI will have on every aspect of business and consumer life. But the fact that marketers are all in on AI doesn’t mean […]

Digitization in the Life Sciences Sector Whether it’s biotech, pharma, or MedTech, the life sciences space has lagged behind other industries in technology advancement, in part due to high regulations as well as other compliance, data security, and privacy challenges.  During my time analyzing the sector several years ago, I was fascinated with advancements in […]