The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Finance Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is helping to transform businesses in a whole host of industries by powering the automation of the repetitive tasks that commandeer employee focus and time better spent on more complex work. In this article we’re going to dive into the subject of […]

We’ve reached a point where consumers now expect every aspect of the web to be available via mobile. There’s seemingly nothing left that we won’t do on mobile, which means that mobile experiences that are inconvenient, incomplete, or simply unenjoyable represent lost opportunities to connect with consumers. Meeting the mobile moment is a business imperative, […]

Three Companies that Prove Data is Key to Successful Digital Transformation It’s natural to think of digital analytics as simply one component of digital transformation. While it’s undeniable that data is a major component of digital transformation, we would argue that it’s actually much more than that. Quite simply, analytics is the foundational element of […]